Classic Granite Slab Toronto: Installing and Maintaining Natural Stone

Classic Granite Slab in Toronto: Installing and Maintaining Natural Stone

Classic Granite slab accents within the home can turn any drab space into a thing of beauty. Beginning the process of choosing and installing a unique slab can be daunting and intimidating due to pricing assumptions and perceived effort. However, it is easy and rather affordable when done correctly. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of beautiful granite in the home as well as expert guided style tips and trends this season. 

Return on Investment 

Granite slab installation will guarantee a return on investment. The housing market has a high demand for the use of natural stone, and your home will stand out from the others if you make the decision to install quality granite in any space. Be sure to take into consideration both the practical and resale value of the countertop when determining the return on investment one could potentially receive. Proper and continual maintenance efforts are also extremely important, as granite should be resealed, at the very least, every two years. 

Maintenance Do's and Don'ts

Here are a few things to keep in mind once the installation is over and it is now time to keep the granite in tiptop shape:


  1. As mentioned above, make resealing a priority at least every two years, if not more often. It is critical to the look and long-term stability of the granite within the home.
  2. Make sure to dry the surface of a granite slab completely after it has been cleaned and polished to your liking. The stone will begin to look glazed over if it is not dried often.
  3. Always use a trivet or small mat if objects have been placed on the counter that could potentially scratch the surface. There is nothing worse than investing in natural stone only to damage it through cuts and scratches.


  1. Use any cleaning material that contains acidic materials like vinegar or lemon. These types of cleaning products can potentially damage the surface of the stone and lead to a decay in colour properties and density. Experts recommend using simple and pH neutral cleaners to get the surface tidy or simply very hot water on a clean and dry wash cloth.
  2. Leave any sort of mess on the counter to accumulate. Always clean up spills immediately and without hesitation. The longer it lingers, the more problems it will cause in the long run.
  3. Avoid abrasive materials and creams on the surface. The stone is natural, therefore it will erode over time if it is aggressively scrubbed and polished with coarse materials and objects.

Classic Granite Style Options

One of the most popular granite style trends for this year is neutral grey colours accented by bone or cream cabinetry. However, one should always be weary of jumping on bandwagons when it comes to natural stone. Opt for classic and neutral sophistication in order to ensure resale value. After all, few potential buyers will agree with a choice of stark white or funky teal counters within a kitchen space. Darker colours are always a safe bet, as they are easier to maintain and will not show wear and tear quite as much as a lighter slab.

Classic Granite Slab Toronto Distibutor

So, what are you waiting for? Contact a local natural stone distributor today. The best companies will take pride in what they do as purveyors of luxurious granite. A showroom visit is recommended prior to purchase. Get started now!